These pages contain information that will be of use to patients who are currently undergoing treatment or planning treatment with Mr Lower. The links on the left will take you to a new page of information.  These links are primarily intended to be useful information for patients undergoing treatment with Mr Lower.  This information on these pages or elsewhere on this site should not be considered to be a substitute for a medical consultation.  In the first instance you should consult your family doctor who is best placed to advise you on who will be an appropriate specialist for you to see.

Mr Lower prefers to have a referral from your family doctor so he can write back to him or her with details of the advice he may give you.  Your doctor wil also usually enclose details of your past medical history whicxh may be relevant in the choice of treatment Mr Lower may suggest and can assist in reaching an accurate diagnosis more quickly.  Sometimes it is not possible to obtain such a referral.

Mr Lower is unable to engage in detailed email correspondence with individual patients, but where it is impossible to attend a face-to-face consultation in London he can, in exceptional circumstances, offer telephone consultations.  However consultations in person are far more satisfactory for both parties.

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