Information before surgery

You should try to arrive at the hospital as early as possible on the morning of your surgery and certainly before 7am.  You should have nothing to eat or drink for at least 4 hours before your operation.  

Some patients like to prepare even earlier ahead and many have found the following advice useful in the past. 


Check with your doctor if any of your current medication should be stopped or adjusted.  Note especially the following drugs:

Chinese herbs
Vitamin E
Gingko biloba  

Prepare so you can rest properly after the surgery
Ensure that you get in provisions and groceries
Arrange friends/family to come & help
Arrange someone to pick you up from hospital
Your body needs time to heal after surgery so take appropriate time off work

Try to get in good physical shape for surgery
Reduce workload
Reduce alcohol consumption
Reduce smoking
Get more sleep
Eat nutritious and healthy food

To aid healing time, take the following one week prior to surgery
Vitamin C 2000mg once a day
Bromelain Digestive enzymes  500mg 3 x a day between meals
Arnica 30  5 tablets under the tongue 3 x a day

Post Surgery
Make sure you get plenty of rest and allow time for your body to heal
You will be surprisingly tired during the healing process
Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum
Eat highly nutritious food, keep well hydrated

The following complementary remedies have been helpful for some patients in the past
Pycngenol – natural anti inflammatory and anti oxidant – 60mg x 2 per day
Milk Thistle 20 drops twice daily to detox liver post anaesthetic
Vitamin C, Bromelain and Arnica (as above) one week post surgery
Start vitamin E 1 week post surgery – to aid healing and reduce scar formation

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