Mr Lower works closely with the following centres.

CRM London, London Fertility Centre and London Women's Clinic as a satellite unit for HFEA licensed fertility treatments such as IUI, IVF, Egg Donation and surrogacy.

Oxford Fertility Unit for pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and assisted conception

Shady Grove Fertility Centre.  This is an exceptionally well run and organised clinic in Washington DC.  The success rates are very high and the programme appeals to some patients as they offer a shared risk programme where a proportion of the fees are returned if you are not successful.

Huntington Reproductive Medicine Centre.  This is another exceptional North American Centre based in Los Angeles where the laws allow controversial treatment such as pre-implantation diagnosis for the purpose of gender selection.

UK-Cypriot Fertility Association a clinic run by British colleagues in Cyprus where you can also have egg donation and gender selection ffor family balancing.

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