Fertility Investigations

Only 30% of couples conceive in the first month of trying, but after a year 80% of couples will have conceived.  If you ave been trying for a while without success, or you are worried that you may be running out of time due to your age, it is worthwhile having some baseline investigations performed.

We perform these investigations in the space of one menstrual cycle and most can be completed in the course of a single visit to te clinic. They consist of:

  • An ultrasound scan to assess the ovarian reserve and exclude any pelvic abnormality
  • Check Falopian tubes are patent (x-ray or ultrasound)
  • Semene analysis
  • Blood tests

Depending on the results we can advise you whether to continue trying to conceive naturally, or whether you should consider some form of intervention to speed things up.  Sometimes just flushing the Fallopian tubes through can be enough to allow conception.  

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