Surrogacy describes the used of another woman’s womb to carry your child.  There are many reasons why surrogacy may be required.  Sometimes the uterus is so badly damaged by pathological processes such as fibroids (or prior surgery to treat them), Asherman’s Syndrome or infection; some women are born without a uterus and for some the risks to their health or the health of their child may revent them from carry a pregnancy even though the uterus is normal.

MrLower has experience of all kinds of surrogacy arrangement.  Contrary to popular belief, surrogacy is not illegal in the UK, however doctors are not allowed to advertise or procure the services of a surrogate on your behalf.  However there are a number of agencies that will recruit a surrogate for you and Mr Lower will see and assess a potential surroate on your behalf ad manage the fertility treatment required to implant one of your embryos in her womb.

The links below connect to agencies that may be able to assist you in this respect.

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