Health Monitoring

Many women welcome the reassurance of an annual check up with a gynaecologist to discuss general female health issues, contraception, menopausal symptoms and HRT, or fertility issues.  Mr Lower is pleased to offer such a service which includes a consultation, ultrasound scan and cervical smear test.  Please contact the office for further details or to book an appointment.

Weight Reduction
Many of us struggle to keep our weight down.  This can be particularly the case with conditions such as polycystic ovaries and for women approaching the menopause.  Excess weight in these conditions can exacerbate the problems caused by the associated hormonal imbalances.  Mr Lower is happy to offer advice and supervison of the Pronokal medically-supervised diet.  This diet is a high protein, ultra low carbohydrate and fat diet which is only offered under close medical supervision.  It was originally developed in Spain and has been very popular there.  Most people will lose between 7-10Kg per month in the initial phases of the diet, but the unique feature of this programme is the long tail off and gradual reintroduction of normal foods coupled with a dietary re-education programme, access to lifestyle coaching and personal trainer over a two year period to ensure maintenance of the weight reduction.  

For more information on Pronokal follow this link or call the office to make an appointment

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